Believing and Receiving

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.
— Mark 11:24

At the heart of answered prayer is faith in your Heavenly Father. We must believe to receive from Him. So, how do we activate our faith to believe and receive from Him? 

Our Heavenly Father answers all of His children’s prayers because of His amazing grace and unlimited mercy toward us. In Christ, you have access to God because of the great sacrifice He paid for all our sins. So, it is through faith in Him we believe and receive answered prayer.

Believe in faith that God is listening to every word you share with Him. As His precious child, follow Jesus’ example when you pray. Jesus always knew his prayers were being listened to. He said, “Father, thank you for hearing me… you always hear me.” (John 11:41-42 NLT). Have the same posture as you go to God in prayer.

Receive by faith the answer to your prayer. He loves to lavish His blessings on you. As you live, according to His will and pray according to His Word, you receive answers to your prayers. Allow the Holy Spirit to align your will with your Heavenly Father’s heart’s desires in every aspect of your life.

Today’s Prayer

Father, I believe you answer prayer as long as we believe in You and that your will and ways over my life are best. In the same way Jesus knows you hear Him, I also believe you hear my prayers. Help me to know you better so I can I pray you help me with any unbelief in my heart and replace it with complete trust in you.