Worth It is a set of principles that make up our organizational culture. We can have the best vision in the world, with the best strategy but it won’t work if we have a bad culture within our organization. This is true in the business world and it’s also true in the church. Our organizational culture allows us to execute our mission effectively.



The attitude we display will determine the way those around us react to our message. No matter what the situation may be, we always place our best foot forward.


The image we portray through social outlets is a direct reflection of the one we follow. Therefore, we must watch the words said, the images displayed, the topics discussed, and how we represent the body of Christ.


Being ready is to be fully prepared, available and on time to execute the tasks, duties, or services being provided for those we’ve been called to serve. As members of one body, we each have a critical role to play but if we’re not present and on time, we don’t allow the team to win.


As followers of Christ we must always progress, mature, building ourselves in Him. We cannot lead others in a relationship that we aren’t cultivating ourselves. Take a moment out of your day to devote to personal Growth.



To give is more than just to provide or supply. When we give generously we reflect the very nature of our Heavenly Father. Giving the way God prescribes is the path to true blessings in our personal lives and is the key to the fulfillment of our mission.


God has gifted everyone for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE. Knowing your spiritual gift(s) will enable you to find your place of ministry in the local church.


Humility is to live your life for a purpose greater than yourself. It requires having the right attitude that comes from developing habits of self-awareness, faith, meekness, character, and mission.


Self-discipline is personal training that develops self-control and character, that leads to thinking and acting according to Gods will. It is a learned practice that will ultimately determine your destiny.


The more you better yourself the more successful you’ll become at what you do. Always ask, "How can I do it better?"