Super Groups Leader’s Guide

CDA Miami


From Our Hearts to Yours

As you read this CDA Leader’s Guide on how we should conduct a Super Group we would like to give you a key word. That word is GRACE. Because of His grace towards us we received what we did not deserve. In the same manner we need to give others what they don’t deserve, His grace. While our Vision at CDA is to Lead People in a Growing Relationship with Jesus, that Vision is only possible through Grace. We need to meet people where they are at and at their point of need. Just like God met us where we were and at our point of need. We will have curriculums and codes of conducts to ensure we deliver on our Vision but at the heart of it all is our love for God and for the people He will be entrusting to us. As they say when dealing with precious things, handle with care!

Thank you for volunteering to serve in our Super Groups and May the Lord richly reward your service.

For His Honor and for His Glory,

The Small Group Team


The Super Group Program

The Purpose of our Super Groups is to provide a safe environment where people can experience God and either start or continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus. To that end we have identified CDA/The Warehouse as the ideal place to meet and conduct these meetings. We may create activities outside the warehouse that lead up to our Super Group meetings in the warehouse but always with the goal of connecting people to the growth process. These meetings and activities will be entirely evangelistic in nature giving us the opportunity to reach people in our community who are not currently attending a church.

The Method we will be utilizing in these Super Group meetings will be one where we will offer a themed series that will have a duration of 4 to 8 weeks. These meetings will be on a weekday and from 7.30pm to

The Curriculum chosen for these meetings will have an end goal of reaching people for Jesus and helping them grow in their relationship with Him. To this end we will always prioritize reaching people over retaining people for Christ. These evangelistic teachings should be moving people on to their next step in their growth and spiritual journey. Currently Visioneering, Life’s Healing Choices, and a curriculum for Couples are in place for our Super Groups but we will adapt and add curriculums according to what best meets the need of our participants.

The Celebration is how we will finish these Evangelistic Series’ and from there send participants to the next step of their journey. We will be guiding them to engage in our Friends and Family environments which include our Starting Point Classes, Baptism Classes, Church Ministries, Student Ministry, Small Groups, and Missions. These celebrations will be CDA’s tracking method to ensure participants don’t get lost or disconnected in our church.

The Leadership Roles created for these meetings will require that these individuals exemplify CDA’s Worth It Principles and that they receive training and equipping for their respective role. We want to ensure our Mission, Vision, and Values are what we communicate and that we communicate it in the way Jesus demonstrated which was in all humility. Training may be a one-time session or a series of sessions, depending on the role.

These roles are:

The Teacher - This Leader will be responsible to teach and share the message for the series. The teaching will be from 20 to a maximum of 30 minutes. This role will require several sessions of training and equipping.

The Facilitator- This Leader will facilitate the group discussions at the break-out session which will be divided up into small groups of 8 to 10 participants. He/She will read and ensure that the code of conduct for sharing is honored in every discussion. See the Code of Conduct below. If a participant needs one-on-one time after a meeting, then they should be directed to the Facilitator who will assist the participant with whatever questions they may have or direct them to a minister if necessary. This role will require several sessions of training and equipping.

The Encourager - Everyone can be an encourager! This Leader will bring guests to the meetings and support the facilitator during group discussions by sharing encouraging comments when His/Her time comes to share. They will also stay in close contact with their guest throughout the series in order to encourage them in their growth. The Encourager shall direct their guest to a Facilitator or an approved minister in the church should their guest have a question or need. This role will require minimal training.

The Promoter - This leader will promote the Super Group via all Social Media outlets. This role will require skill and previous experience in Social Media communications.

The Overseer - All other Leaders in the Super Group are accountable to the Overseeing Leader. He/She will set the tone of the Super Group meetings by ensuring that everything is done in decency and order and that everyone is treated with respect during the meetings. He/She will arrive before everyone else and leave when everyone has left the meeting. Should an issue arise, He/She will answer directly to the Pastor or minister in charge. This role will require several sessions of training and equipping. The individual must show the ability to work with other leaders whom might hold a superior or inferior position.

The Code of Conduct for Sharing Discussion Time

  • We are here to support one another, not fix one another.

  • We need to keep our sharing focused on our own thoughts and feelings. Let us limit our sharing to three to five minutes.

  • Please do not interrupt someone when they are sharing.

  • What is shared in the group stays in the group. The only exception is when someone threatens to injure themselves or others.

  • Offensive language or behavior has no place in a Christ-centered group.

The Agenda

8:00pm to 8:15pm -Opening Prayer and Worship (The Overseer)

8:15pm to 8:45pm – Teaching (The Teacher)

8.45pm to 9:15pm- Break out Session Discussion Time (The Facilitator)

9:15pm to 9:30pm- Prayer Requests and Dismissal (The Overseer)

This sums up The Super Group Program. Congratulations! Get ready to experience God in greater ways than you ever have by serving people and connecting them to Him. You are on an amazing spiritual adventure!