March 2019 News & Events


New Series:


Sundays in march | 11am | Intercontinental Hotel West Miami

In geography shortcuts are a good thing, but not in life. Nobody wants to be operated by a surgeon who took a shortcut in medical school. Nobody wants to fly with a pilot who took shortcuts in aviation school. God has better in store for us but there’s no shortcut to better. In this series you’ll discover how God’s route to Better, is always the most rewarding and long-lasting.

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men’s group

Do Something Big.

sat. march 2 *** guest speaker nicky cruz *** & sat. march 23 | 11am | cda the warehouse

Before you were even born, programmed into your DNA was the desire to conquer, win, achieve, and to do something big. As the years went by however, your life became routine and before you knew it, that desire became dormant, faded into the background, and even disappeared. Life, as you now know it can be summed up as a struggle to be a good person, to survive, work, or study. That design that God created in you however is still valid and he wants it to go from a simple unfulfilled wish to a reality.

It is for this reason that we cordially invite all men 18 years or older to attend our men’s meetings where the goal is to explore ways for you to conquer, win, achieve, and do something big.

Register now for these power-packed, life-changing meetings. This is your opportunity to change your life and fulfill the God-given desire with which you are programmed.


nicky Cruz birthday celebration

sunday march 3 | 11am | Intercontinental Hotel West Miami

On Sunday March 3rd evangelist and best-selling author Nicky Cruz will join us as we celebrate his 80th birthday. Without a doubt, Nicky has played a vital role in Casa de Alabanza’s rich history and we would love for you to be there with us to celebrate all that God has done through him over his 55 years of ministry.


Women's Conference

"Y me levanté”

saturday, march 9 | 10am -3PM | CDA THE WAREHOUSE

This power-packed conference is designed to help women discover the key to getting back up when life brings you down. Space is limited, so register today and don’t forget to invite a friend.

Special guest speakers:

  • Jacqueline Castillo – author of Transformada por las llamas

  • Maria Angelica Garcia – author of Devocional Pan de Vida de Cada Dia

  • Nitza Masferrer – a woman that God lifted up from a scarred childhood and cancer!

  • Silvia Ivelisse - Salmist

COST: free


Friday Night Prayer

march 8 & 22 | 8:30 pm | CDA The Warehouse

We invite you to join us for an uplifting night of prayer and worship at the CDA Warehouse. These services are wonderful and they’re just what you need to help you focus on God after a busy week.

volunteer appreciation day

sunday march 17 | 11am | Intercontinental Hotel West Miami

Accomplishing our mission simply would not be possible without their dedication and passion for loving God and loving people. They make CDA an irresistible and inviting place for all those who walk through our doors or connect with us online.

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Serve @ Casa De Alabanza Miami

Thanks for your interest in serving at CDA Miami. You can make a difference by volunteering to serve in a role that matches your God-given gifts, talents and interests. We’ve listed some volunteer opportunities below. Feel free to contact us if you’d like some guidance.