One day you will wake up and ask yourself; how did I get here? How did my family come to this? How did my finances turn out this way? Whether you realize it or not, the currents of this world will slowly carry you away. The truth is that we are all prone to being carried away. What makes this dynamic so dangerous is that it does not happen from one day to another, it is a gradual process, just a small step in the wrong direction and we are slowly carried away.

King Solomon was one of the wealthiest, most famous, and most powerful men of all times. He was also one of the wisest men of all times second only to Jesus. However, all of his wisdom, power, and wealth, were not enough to keep him from slowly drifting away. Looking at Solomon’s first misstep, we can see that in and of itself, it appears to be small and insignificant. However, one small step in the wrong direction caused him to drift so far that God eventually took everything away from him including the kingdom.