Dear heavenly father

As we begin this new year, our focus now more than ever, is on winning souls for Christ. He has called us to be fishers of men, seekers of truth and prayer warriors for those who haven’t met him yet. To be a good fisherman requires wisdom. Proverbs 11:30 tells us that “the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and whoever captures (wins) souls is wise.” The word “capture” here in Hebrew means to catch or to win. There is great wisdom in winning souls for Christ and at the same time, we as fishermen need wisdom to be able to do so. So how do we get wise? The Bible says “if any man lacks wisdom let him ask” ; when we ask God for anything, that’s prayer.

Prayer is the way we communicate with our God, a beautiful, overwhelming God of love and grace. God is calling our church to grow deeper in prayer which ultimately helps us grow in our intimacy with Him. Our mission is to lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ but how can we effectively lead if we aren’t taking the steps to follow Him? As we pray, we get closer to God and as we get closer to Him we lead others in the same direction. This includes praying for those “lost souls” that haven’t developed a relationship with Jesus yet.

We are starting this prayer blog for you, to help you in many ways and encourage your prayer life with Jesus. Through this platform, we will provide teachings on prayer, invitations to prayer events, a section for prayer requests, and much more. Each week we will give you a different theme with related scriptures for each day that you can pray for as individuals and as families. The Bible calls us not only to pray on our own but also as a Church, as the bride and body of Christ. This week our focus will be developing a deeper, more fulfilling prayer life. Here are some foundations to get us started.